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"This Album full of Soul is intented to give us a positivist boost in these troubled times"

Journal "Le Soir"

As a child, .Fen was already attracted by the music of Stevie Wonder and The Jacksons. In 2008, Fen released his first solo album “Pardonner” and in 2011 his second one "On A Besoin". He was nominated for the "Octaves de la Musique" with his single "Walo". The following year he reached the final of the Euro Song Contest national qualification’s with his single “Yes I Know”

In May 2021, .Fen has released his album "Life Is So Beautiful".


“While writing these songs during the first lockdown in 2020, I wanted to mix my favorite styles, funk and Motown. To make it more “catchy”, I poured a pop sauce over it. I wanted positive texts with a colorful approach, the kind of feeling hard to find during pandemic. The songs I wrote tell the beautiful things in life. To produce this album, I collaborated with Babl Lemmens. It was a great opportunity working with him”, says an enthusiastic .Fen.

Life is so beautiful” was the first released single.

Proud, was released just after, it's a very soulful and very elegant single, influenced by Stevie Wonder,
The song was pulished in many Spotify editorial playlists, including "New Music Friday BE", "Made In Belgium" and thousands of other private playlists.  Not to mention the support of all the radio stations that have been broadcasting that singles for a while.

​July 2021, .Fen released his single "Open Your Eyes". In this pop funk song, .Fen is talking about people who are stuck in their daily grind, but still dare to dream of breaking free. The question is, of course, will you dare to take the step? "As a child, I dreamed of being in front of an audience. In my opinion, there is no better feeling than bringing the audience into your own world as an artist. Of course, I also had to do making music is one thing, but finding your way in the world of professional music takes a lot of time and energy, it's a lot of work, but luckily it's worth it once on stage" says .Fen. ​

Then .Fen proposed his single "Give An Answer". Like the album, this track was produced by Babl Lemmens (Laura Tesoro, Loïc Nottet and Natalia, among others) “His soulful touch was really what the album needed,” says .Fen. “'Give An Answer' is a combination of funky and updated vintage sounds. Since the start of the health crisis, our government has never offered clear perspectives to the cultural sector. A sector that wants to reinvent itself despite the circumstances. With this song, I ask the decision-makers to stop contradicting themselves and finally give a clear answer to our questions,” concludes .Fen.

Note that the album has reached 5,000,000 streams on the platforms. Including 1,400,000 on Spotify.

.Fen was also asked in April 2022 by the organizers of Eurovision 2021 to be part of the Euro Jury!

Between Soul arrangements brought up to date and captivating voice, let yourself be carried away by .Fen's music!

.Fen will release his new album in 2023!! stay tuned!!

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