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.Fen in Live
- Centre Culturel de Colfontaine (B) - 10/02/24

- Le Rideau Rouge - Lasne (B) - 26/04/24

"Hero" album - out now!


‘Life Is So Beautiful’ was a major success, accumulating over 6 million streams and producing several singles appreciated by numerous radio stations.

Continuing in this vein, .Fen clearly steps up his game with ‘Hero’.

The album 'Hero' has been out since October 20th!

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. fen    Auteur - Compositeur

"Life is So Beautiful"

"This album, full of Soul, is intended to give us a positivist boost in these troubled times" - Le Soir (July 14, 2021)

"A bit of soul spirit made in Belgium, here's to grooving a summer that is badly named" - La Derniere Heure (August 1, 2021)

“A Soul album but not only, a must to redouble your positivism these days” - Serge Jonckers – Bel RTL (May 2021)